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   "Genius is one percent inspiration, and
ninety-nine percent perspiration"
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Jan 05, 2013:
Site Launch !!!!!
March 11, 2013:
Scheduled: v2.5
June 25, 2013:
Major upgrade: v3.0
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Using this site is free of charge. Our only requirement for listing items on the site is a small one time fee for advertising your item. Searching and making contact with buyers is free but requires an account. The only use for that information is to email the inventor. No information is used or sold by outside parties.
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Next Best Invention v1.0
Invention Search
This page is the core of the sites existence. Here is where items
listed by Innovators is found. There are only two input parameters
required by our search engine to display these inventions. The first
search input is the category. The second input is and all or partial
description of the item. When an item is displayed, there is a
checkbox that when selected, generates an email to the inventor
who will then contact interested parties. These interactions require
customers to have an account and be logged in.
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When searching our site, it is recommended to include a description with key words describing an item pertaining to the category. Retrieving all items in a category can be accomplished by leaving the description empty. We fully support searching using any combination searchers wish to use. Search categories are consistent with listing categories.
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