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   "Every innovation occasions more harm and derangement of order by its novelty, than benefit by its abstract utility"
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Jan 05, 2013:
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March 11, 2013:
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June 25, 2013:
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Using this site is free of charge. Our only requirement for listing items on the site is a small one time fee for advertising your item. Searching and making contact with buyers is free but requires an account. The only use for that information is to email the inventor. No information is used or sold by outside parties.
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We have evaluated many options and considerations for making the
process for creating listing as easy as possible and welcome any
feedback for making this work better. Creating a listing requires five
(5) items. They are product name, patent number, description (255
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needs to be in .jpg or .gif format and cannot exceed 256k in size. If
your item does not fit in existing categories, put it somewhere and
send us an email. We will evaluate and determine if a new category
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can be created. Patent number is required and
it announces that your item is protected. All
fields are required.
When describing your invention, remember that searches are not case sensitive and they will be based on category. Better selection of key words will improve the probability your item will be returned first. While we cannot guarantee which item is found during searches, describing the item is key. Proper category selection is equally important since we do not allow full searches of all categories during item searches.
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