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   "Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats"
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Jan 05, 2013:
Site Launch !!!!!
March 11, 2013:
Scheduled: v2.5
June 25, 2013:
Major upgrade: v3.0
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Using this site is free of charge. Our only requirement for listing items on the site is a small one time fee for advertising your item. Searching and making contact with buyers is free but requires an account. The only use for that information is to email the inventor. No information is used or sold by outside parties.
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Buy Listing Space
Purchasing space for listing an ad is a straight forward process and
you can purchase as many spaces needed. This page allows you to
purchase space to list items. Purchasing space to list item(s) requires
designation of payment type. When selecting payment method, the
session is routed to the proper payment engine where the number
of ads can be purchased. These ads appear as credits to the user
account in our database. Payment options available are listed below.
Example image - aligned to the right
All sites we have seen offering  this same
service do so using monthly re-curring
charges. We offer something different in that
we charge you one time to list an item. Our
differentiation is the price we charge
represents true value for what it actually costs
to store one item.

The one time cost for listing an item on our
site is $500.00. This price was determined
after calculating our costs and comparing them
against what the market demands. This
translates into value to the consumer.
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